1st Place At WMRI!

This past Saturday, the MARS Rovers competed alongside 28 fellow teams from Michigan at the 2013 West Michigan Robotics Invitational. After a day of great driving, the team placed as the 7th seed alliance captain, until being picked by team 2959: The Robotarians. Then we chose our last alliance selection, team 107: Team Robotics. After more »


After a long weekend in Traverse City we learned quite a lot about what we could do to improve the robot, so we did. Our new robot now has a new 6-wheel tank drive, is now short enough to go under the pyramid, a wider funnel for feeder station, and can now shoot upside-down disks. This weekend more »

3rd place in Traverse City

This weekend’s competition was our first real test of our new robot and our new team. Both performed like a well oiled machine.

Traverse City here we come

The MARS Rovers are off to Traverse City today for their first regional competition.  Everyone has worked hard over the last 6 weeks and now it’s time to show of our awesome robot and compete with some of the other Michigan teams.  Good Luck Rovers and Godspeed.

Robot Bag Day

Title: Robot Bag DayDescription: Last day of Build Season. Robot has to be bagged and tagged by midnight.Date: 2/19/2013


Well our website is looking fairly nice so far, it can only get better from here.


Well kickoff went well for team 4004. We got some great concept ideas brainstormed, and began prototyping a few. Also began building our score goals. This looks likes its gonna be a good season!! And welcome to all our new team members!!